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It is human nature to look forward to the future where nothing is yet set in stone. It’s a seemingly blank slate for our community. Tomorrow, will surely be a better day. I, for one, am optimistic for what is yet to come. This meeting is fitting, as we enter another year, we can expect to make many great milestones. But first let’s reflect on the year past and take time to recount some of the wins we’ve seen as a council and a community.

We seated a new and invigorated group of village employees who are working hard for the community. We split off the clerk responsibility from our fiscal officer which keeps our fiscal officer focused on our finances. Cheryl has almost seamlessly entered the workplace to put back together our books and records, which we all can only try to forget what a few trying months we had finding just the right person. Her personality meshes well with the countless other individuals which is really key in keeping the village responsible and accountable.

Stephanie walked into a newly organized role thanks to the personnel committee. A clerk to the town that can really rally around the organizations, businesses, and citizens will continue to prove positive in the long run. Weston wants to grow, and this is an essential part to make sure we are there to provide to the community, and other interested parties. I know there’s a lot of good yet to come from this position as we align our interests and continue to engage one another in town.

Stephanie has also been a saving grace with our Parks & Recreation, taking the pieces that were slowly being put back together and growing the to a full board and more. There is so much opportunity for this board to serve the citizens and friends from other communities. Baseball was a success, given a few hiccups, which we pressed on citing growing pains. A board which was once upon itself was to be held up by the Parks & Recreation board because the thought of having no baseball or softball in town was unacceptable. The following years will certainly yield amazing growth as other citizens in town have stepped up in a multitude of ways.

A new park was established through the generous opportunity provided by the Wood County Parks District. We mounted a rewarding community build event and moved dirt, drove very large nails, and carefully placed all kind of fun equipment that was an immediate success. Mr. Babcock, a neighbor of the park and member of the board can attest to the near constant sounds of children laughing and playing. And this all started with an idea. Plans start with an idea, and this will be the year that those ideas start to bloom into what should be familiar as The Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

Eric joined our crew not too long ago, but it’s very clear that we have this role back to normal, and perhaps even better so. He’s engaged with our citizens, and business owners and has used hard work and common sense to start to ensure the community that its infrastructure needs are clearly under control. It’s become clear to me that the citizens in the community are watching closely, not only the maintenance position, but all of our staff positions. And so they should, as we are here to serve the people with nothing other than their hard earned tax dollars. Hopefully that’s not a bad word right now, as the strain is real for many of us in these times.

Our committees have matured, and are on a course to continue to grow. We’ve added a strategic planning committee with the presence of community members alongside key council members out of the recognition that it will take a community to truly grow Weston. This is just the start of what I hope will become a truly remarkable feat and we all know what our role as council members is often bogged down with protocol and the mundane nitty-gritty such as roads, regulations, and lots of paperwork. We have a better than ever team working on that, as we all know. It will certainly take a lot of effort, cooperation and even compromise, and I am dedicated to see this committee through the next year and beyond.

Speaking of roads, we paved more than the normal share of what is normally budgeted, but were able to look long term and take advantage of a valuable grant to take care of one of the most expensive roadways in town. Just in time. We will continue to see this project to completion as soon as the weather breaks, and the flowers start to bloom again. Right now, let’s slow down and enjoy the snowy white covered roadways.

We have jumped on code enforcement and regulation with the creation of a Zoning Inspector position, which adds to the collaboration and accountability that our citizens deserve. And this we will need with the newly adopted regulation on Chickens, which is a huge win for our agriculturally rooted community. We’ve taken a great amount of input and have come up with reasonable and sensible ordinance that I know people will learn to appreciate, not matter what side they were on from the start. We must remember that we’re in this together, and neighbors are like family. We all have them, and really have little choice otherwise. They’re also, hopefully, someone you can count on when needed most. And in a world more electronically connected but ultimately disconnected, one must learn to love thy neighbor.

Truly there are countless other situations that we worked through, all for the better, and all for the future. What seemed bad at the time almost seems worth it now. So I hope, wish, and pray that this year to come will be full of surprises — but continue to be the good ones. And not bad ones. Nobody likes the bad ones, though I know as a team, we’ll work through those too.
– Mayor Jeremy Schroeder