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Office hours are
9:00 am- 2:00 pm on
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday
(Closed federal holidays)

Unprecedented action is being called for all across Ohio, including Weston. Effective midnight tonight, all of Ohio is to stay at home. This is an order to maintain social distancing. This means that you must stay at home whenever possible, only leaving the house to take a walk, grab groceries or other essentials, or go to work if your job is considered essential by the state. By order of Governor DeWine, this shall be effective for at least 14 days.

At Village Hall, we are maintaining our crew, but practicing social distancing. If you need to get a hold of our Clerk Stephanie or our Fiscal Officer Cheryl at the office, please call or email instead of visiting. If you see our Administrator Jeremy working, please just wave! As a village administration, we will continue to meet and take whatever action necessary to make sure our citizens are safe.

Subject to Council approval, code enforcement will be temporarily put on hold. If you have received any notice from our office, please call the office — we would like to discuss a new timeline with you that addresses the closures of state agencies that may be needed to remedy any issues.

Committee meeting have all been postponed until further notice, and council meetings could also be postponed, with notice.

Effective immediately, in alignment with the Wood County Parks District, playgrounds will be closed until further notice. Other Village programs, such as Little League, are still being evaluated, and look to our Parks Committee to keep you up to date on that.

The Village will share any information we learn from the state and county levels. We are in good hands with the leadership that is provided by both. At the Village level, we have few resources to deal with COVID-19 specifically, but luckily we are able to leverage the most important, which appears to be social distancing.

While we have every reason to be optimistic, the impact of this Coronavirus is hard to understate. This will impact Weston in the form of illness and job loss, or worse, and we have no choice but to work together — yet apart! — to take care of one another during the next weeks. There’s no room for speculation here, but let me make clear that this will take time to get through, and the impact will be longer than two weeks time.

I find it important to point out that we need to maintain our cool, and make rational decisions. Our grocery stores will continue to be stocked, and while there will be some shortages, plenty will be available through the incredible food distribution infrastructure that is in place. Beyond food, the essentials will be available, so there is nothing to worry about. Continue to reassure your neighbors that we will provide.

We have received messages from those willing to help in some kind of coordinated effort. The Village can and will serve as an epicenter for those who need help. You can contact the village at any time if you require help in any way. We will be diligent in working with others that have reached out to make sure our citizens will be taken care of. Also, check on your neighbor — reminder, keep your distance!

This social distancing — it takes a community, and it’s crazy to me that we’re now promoting community separation, as opposed to what we normally preach, which is community interaction. What a test, but remember that we’ve studied for this our entire lives. Take pride, Weston. This is your community, your home.

If you have questions regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19 please call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH or visit

– Mayor Jeremy Schroeder


Council Hall

Council meetings are held on the
1st and 3rd Mondays of every month at 7:00 pm
(March – November meetings are at 6:00 pm)
(or on Tuesday, if the Monday falls on a federal holiday)