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Friendly Resident Reminders

* Residents are encouraged to use the dog waste bags provided at Michael Merrill Park and Old Schoolhouse Park to clean up after their pet.
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* When mowing, please remember to not discharge clippings into the streets.
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* Please remember not to feed stray cats.
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Habitat for Humanity of Wood County Ohio

Click Here to fill out a Pre-Application.

Permit Reminders

Permits are now required for Chickens, Sheds and Fences.

-$15 Chicken Permits are to be renewed by June 15th each year, only 6 chickens allowed on property.
-$10 Permit is required before erecting a new permanent fence and/or change of configuration.
-Zoning Permit is required before erecting any new building or structure or to relocate, enlarge or substantially alter any existing building or structure.
-Door-to-Door Solicitors are required to fill out an Application and provide a BCI Background Check with approval from council prior to going door to door.

Reservoir Closed

Safety Notice
The Reservoir is closed until further notice due to safety.  If you have any questions regarding the matter call the Village office.

Community Newsletter

Fall 2018 Community Newsletter is expected to be mailed out in between August/September.

We are looking for important dates/events or anything newsworthy for the Newsletter (Fall 2018 Edition).
Would you like to advertise your business or services in the Community Newsletter?
Contact the Village Clerk for more details at or 419-669-3224

Click Here to view the Summer 2018 Edition Online.