• Where is Weston located?
    Weston is located roughly 10 miles West of Bowling Green, Ohio.  From SR 6, take SR 235 South, and Weston can be found about 2 miles down the road on the right.
  • Where is the Village Hall located?
    13234 Main Street, Weston, Ohio
  • Does the Village have a Public Records Policy?
    Public Records Policy
  • When does village council meet?
    1st and 3rd Mondays of each Month
  • Does Weston have law enforcement?
    In the event that you witness something suspicious, call the Wood County Sheriff.  If you call as an incident is taking place instead of waiting to report it deputies can be on the scene in a matter of minutes.  In the event of an emergency, dial 911.  For non-emergency calls, 419-354-9001.
  • What school district is Weston?
    Otsego Local School District
  • Where do I vote, and how do I know if I’m registered?
    All residents who live within the Village limits are to vote at the Weston Fire Hall, located at 20761 Taylor Street (Precinct 999). For registration information, call the Wood County Board of Elections at 419-354-9120, or stop by their office located in the Wood County Courthouse. You can also visit their website at http://www.co.wood.oh.us/boe (click on the ‘Voter Information’ link at the top, and choose ‘Am I Registered?’).
  • Individuals are going door-to-door, do they need a Permit?
    Citizens should be aware that Solicitors/Salesmen need a permit to go door-to-door, call the Sheriff if they cannot provide proof of their permit.



  • I just moved to Weston. Which companies should I contact to set up utility services?
    Electricity— Toledo Edison: 1-800-447-3333
    Natural Gas— Suburban Natural Gas: 419-655-2345
    Water/Sewer— Northwestern Water & Sewer District: 419-354-9090
    Trash Pickup— Paul’s Refuse: 419-669-3138
  • I think I may have a natural gas leak.  How do I know and what do I do?
    If there is a natural gas leak, it typically smells like rotten eggs. Near the escaping gas, you may hear a hissing sound and see blowing dirt, bubbling water, or dead vegetation. If you notice any of these signs, do not try to stop or repair the leak yourself or use anything that might create a spark. Leave the area immediately and call 911 and Suburban Natural Gas at 419-655-2345.
  • I am experiencing/seeing a Water emergency, who do I contact?
    Contact the Northwestern Water & Sewer District.  The administrative office and customer service department (877-354-9090) are available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
    If you are experiencing an emergency and need to reach us after hours, please call 419-354-9001, and choose option 4 at the prompt.
  • Does Weston have a recycling program?
    Recycling containers are provided on Broadway Avenue 24/7.  Please review the brochure for accepted items.  



  • What do I need a Zoning Permit for?
    There are several types of projects zoning permits are required for, so it is always best to call the Office (419-669-3224) or the Zoning Inspector (419-669-6263) to inquire about your specific project.  Permit applications are available at the office.  Also, your construction project may require a building permit, in addition to a zoning permit, from Wood County Building Inspection. The City recommends calling Wood County BuZoning Ordinanceilding Inspection directly to inquire about a building permit at (419) 354-9190.
    View the Zoning Ordinance for more details.
  • I received a notice for tall grass or noxious weeds.  I do not understand what this means.
    Please see section 174.03 & 174.04 of the Weston Basic Code.  Any person owning or having charge of land within the municipality shall keep such property free and clear from all noxious weeds and grasses of a height of seven inches or more and shall be required to cut all such weeds and grasses on the lots owned or controlled by him or her.  Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor for a first offense.



  • How many parks does Weston have?
    Old Schoolhouse Park: Walnut Street
    Alumni Park: Locus Street
    Michael Merrill Park: Taylor Street
    Elementary Park: Broadway Avenue
    2 Baseball Diamonds
  • What kind of events happen in Weston?
    Arbor Day is Celebrated May 13th
    Firemen’s Festival in June
    Halloween Costume Contest & Trick or Treating in October
    Christmas Tree Lighting and Crafts in December
  • Does Weston have a Ball Program for Youth?
    Weston Youth League for ages 4 and up.  Season typically starts in April.
    Facebook Group for WYL
  • I would like to volunteer for events, how do I do this?
    Come to a Parks & Recreation board meeting on the 4th Monday of each Month at 6:00PM at the Village Hall.