Government Officials

Our Village officials are committed to serving the needs of the community, in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. Feel free to contact them with any Village related concerns that you may have, or join us at one of our council meetings held the first and third Monday at 7pm (March – November meetings are at 6pm).

Jeremy Schroeder, Mayor

13455 Center Street

Phone: 419-601-3680

Term expires: 12/31/2019

Shad Kendall, President Pro-Tempore

20268 Taylor Street

Phone: 419-601-0999

Term expires: 12/31/2021

 Rick Easterwood, Council Member

13260 Silver Street

Phone: 419-575-3134

Term expires: 12/31/2021


Dean Babcock, Council Member

13225 Broadway Street

Phone: 419-669-6463

Term expires: 12/31/2023


Dave Dewitt, Council Member

20275 Taylor Street

Phone: 419-669-6678

Term expires: 12/31/2019

Diane Hillier, Council Member

13435 Ash Street

Phone: 419-308-2645

Term expires: 12/31/2021


Bill Barnhart, Council Member

13443 Main Street

Phone: 419-348-8035

Term expires: 12/31/2021

Jeremy Weaver, Village Administrator
Phone: 517-879-9168

Hours: 7am-3:30pm (M-F)

  Stephanie Monts, Village Clerk
Phone: 419-669-6336

Hours: 9am-2pm (MTWF)

Cheryl Halter, Fiscal Officer
Hours: By Appointment Only

Ken Taylor, Zoning Inspector
Phone: 419-669-6263