House Numbers

Fire & EMS would like to remind you of Ordinance No. 19-89 passed July 3, 1989 requires house numbers to be clearly visible from the street.  This will help our units to find you quicker in the event of an emergency.

› Every owner of any residential, commercial or industrial building in the Village of Weston shall display the address street number on the front of said building.
› Each number shall be legible and fixed in a conspicuous location on the front of the building in numbers of at least three (3) inches in height but not more than six (6) inches in height, and visible from the public right-of-way.
› Any person who violates this ordinance shall be subject to a fine.  Each twenty-four (24) hour period that any violation of this ordinance continues to exist shall be a separate offense.


Ordinance 19-89