Ongoing Reminders

Otsego Food Pantry

The Otsego Food Pantry is always willing to help those in need. This service is by appointment only, so please call 419-830-1051, leave your information on the message system, and you will receive a call back to schedule the appointment.

Adopt a Hydrant

Be a "Hydrant Hero" by adopting a fire hydrant to care for during the winter season. The Village of Weston and the Northwestern Water & Sewer District would greatly appreciate your willingness to dig out a fire hydrant (or two) after any winter storm or snowfall.

Call Before You Dig

By law, individuals must contact OUPS, the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, two working days before any digging, ditching, drilling, leveling, or plowing activity. Their number is 1-800-362-2764, or just dial 811. Representatives from the appropriate utility companies will then come to the location and designate nearby pipelines with highly visible markers, free of charge. For more information, check out their website at


  • Please be considerate to your fellow residents by being a responsible pet owner. Any and all waste left behind by an animal should be cleaned up immediately.
  • For citizen safety, no resident may keep, own, harbor, possess, or care for any dangerous or vicious dog(s). Ordinance 2016-12, passed 7/18/16, hereby bans these dogs from Village limits.
  • Please do not allow your dog to bark incessantly and/or disturb neighbors. Continuous barking, yelping, or howling for more that 15 consecutive minutes is a violation of Section 90.26 of the Weston Basic Code, which is considered a minor misdemeanor. Any residents disturbed by loud, excessive  barking are to call the dog warden at 419-354-9100.
  • Ferrell cats continue to be a problem, but we can only work towards a solution with resident help and cooperation. Please do not feed these strays or provide any means of shelter. Also, try and feed your own pets indoors when possible.

Keeping Walks Clear of Snow and Ice

Sidewalks within the Village that are not free and clear of snow and ice of two (2) inches or more within 24 hours after the abatement of any storm are considered to be a public nuisance. The Village Maintenance Technician, or his designee, may have such non-compliant sidewalks cleared at the Village's expense and then bill the property owner for these charges. If said charges are not paid, within 30 days, they may be assessed to the owner's property taxes.

Keeping Down Weeds and Grass

Any person owning or having charge of land within the Village is required to keep their property free and clear from all noxious weeds and grasses of a height of seven (7) inches or more. The Village Maintenance Technician is authorized to give notice to the property owner, lessee, agent, or tenant to remove such weeds/grasses, as provided by ORC 731.51. If this is not done within five (5) days after service of said notice, the Village may cut the weeds/grasses at its own expense, and then certify the cost to the county auditor for assessment on the owner's property taxes.