The Village Zoning Inspector can be reached at
Phone: 419-669-6263 OR
Email: ken@westonohio.org

A Zoning Permit is required to erect any new building or structure or to relocate, enlarge or substantially alter any existing building or structure; to establish, expand, change or re-establish any non-conforming use of a building, structure or land; to reduce the open structure or plat area required for a building, structure, industrialized unit, tent or parking space, or to include any part of such open space of plot area that required for an adjoining building or structure; and to provide or connect onto a water supply or sewage disposal facility.

Animals for 4H projects may be permitted in residential zoned areas if previously approved by Village Council.  These requests must be put in writing and include signature of an appropriate 4H adviser or official.  As an exception, chickens are permitted in residentially zoned areas with a $15.00 Chicken Permit.

Applications for zoning permits can be picked up at the Village Hall or by downloading and printing those provided below.

For questions on the zoning of a specific property, call the Village office or view our Zoning Map online.

View Zoning Ordinance